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7/4/13 - Happy Independence Day!  Great things are born on the 4th of July.  For example, the HubPhotos Etsy Storefront.  This will allow us to expand the reach of our offering to even more people, with more options than by simply using Society6.  We're still going to be using Society6, as they provide us with a lot of product options (cell phone cases, pillows, etc), but using Etsy should provide a streamlined way to get the products we already have printed into the hands of those that enjoy Hub Photos!  Through 7/12/13, use the coupon code "LaunchParty" to get 20% off your purchases!!

Added galleries entitled Norway & Sweden - guess where these pictures were taken!  The recent hot weather in Boston made Nate think of the FREEZING weather experienced and thought it would be a good time to share some of the pictures.

3/22/13 - Added Gallery entitled "Northern Lights" showcasing some highlights of the Aurora Borealis Nate witnessed on a recent vacation to the Arctric Circle.

11/10/13 - Hub Photos is proud to announce a new online storefront with production and fulfillment through Society6.  All products for local shows/fairs will still be produced in house, but this partnership allows for a wider range of products and reaches a far wider audience.  I'm very excited at the potential that Society6 will bring to Hub Photos.